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Adobe Reader Bugs

Even though Adobe Reader 8/8.1/8.1.2/9 released with no notification about bugs, but i found a critical bugs when deploying the package with Group Policy. Sometimes you want the users to be able to install Adobe Reader package from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs. This can be achieve by publish the package on Software Installation ( User Configurations ).

The problem may occured if you’re logon as authenticated users ( with no admin privillage ) and try to install the Adobe package from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Add New Programs where you will receive this ERROR.

Adobe Reader 8.1.2 requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. Please visit www.microsoft.com to upgrade Internet Explorer. …

Eventhough you have Internet Explorer 7 installed on your PC, the ERROR still appeared. This problem occured on Adobe Reader 8/8.1/8.1.2/9 where i call it as a bug.

Here’s the thing that you should do:

  1. Download Adobe Reader package from Adobe Official website and extract the package to msi.  The package itself was build with Nosso technology so you’re gonna have to extract it with the following command ( AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe -nos_ne )
  2. It will create Abcpy.ini, AcroRead.msi,Data1.cab,Setup.exe,setup.ini on the c:\documents and settings\<<currentuser>>\local settings\application data\adobe\reader 9.0\Setup Files
  3. copy all files to share folder
  4. download orca ( free msi editor )
  5. edit AcroRead.msi with orca. Delete the following table.                                                               
    Property – IsMinIE_Message
    CustomAction – IsMinIE                                                             
    then save
  6. your package ( AcroRead.msi ) are ready to be publish with Group Policy on Software Installation – User Configuration
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