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folder properties on SharePoint 2007 List

Say you have a custom list on SharePoint 2007 with two level categories.Category 1 is Standard and category 2 is Sub Standard. you can create these columns with choice options and grouping the view the following example.


each file have their own properties, i.e Standard and Sub Standard, However when you create a folder, it does not have two properties like file above. The workaround solution for this issue is describe below:

  1. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Content types ( under galleries ). Click Create. Call this CustomFolder and change the Parent Content type from to Folder Content Types and Paretn Content Types to Folder. leave the existing group to Custom Content Types and Click OK.
  2. Go to the document library that you have created before with two categories above. Click Setting > Document Library Setting > Advanced Settings. On the Content Types, Allow management of content types, change the options to Yes. then click OK
  3. on the content types section, click Add from existing site content types. on the Select site content types from choose Custom Content Types and the add CustomFolder then click OK
  4. the CustomFolder will appear on the content type section, Click the CustomFolder then click add from existing site or list columns and add the two categories, i.e Standard and Sub Standard that we have. then click OK
  5. go to the document library that we have created. Click New Custom Folder. the folder will have properties above.



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  1. June 19, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    A family member referred me to this resource.
    Thank you for the resources.

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