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Change Default Date Format on SharePoint 2007

When you created a new column with Date Format on SharePoint 2007. It has a default format MM/DD/YYYY, the questions is can you change it into another format ? say like September 6, 2010 ?

The answer is NO! you can not change the default format, the work around for this is you need to create another column,say Date2 with Calculated column type and enter this formula =TEXT(Date,”MMMM-DD-YYYY”), it will translate your Date column record, i.e 09/06/2010 into September-06-2010. then you can hide your Date column and display the Date2 column.

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  1. September 7, 2012 at 11:12 am

    You can change the default format of the date column without using calculated columns. Change the ‘Regional Settings’ to ‘English (United Kingdom)’ for the date format to reflect DD/MM/YYY.
    Please note: you must select ‘All subsites inherit these regional settings’ tickbox for the change to impact on any subsites.

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