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Fransiscus Fendy Novento, ST, M.Kes

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A dedicated Safety professional, assessor, auditor, instructor, facilitator, speaker, and lifelong learner


2022-Present, General Superintendent, Occupational Health & Safety, PT. Freeport Indonesia.
Assist OH&S Manager in identifying, generating, organizing, reviewing, and evaluating PTFI OH&S Programs, Statistical Data & Analysis, Reports and Correspondences, GOI Permit and Legal Compliance, GOI officer visitations, publication/communication, and training to ensure PTFI including contractor companies implement Good Mining Practices according to Government of Indonesia (GOI) and Freeport McMoran (FCX).
Key Achievements:

[Oct 2022] Leading SMKP Internal Audit for PTFI for 23 Divisions and 48 IUJP Contractors, resulting in 20 recommendations for improvements.
[Nov 2022] Leading ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Recertification Audit for PTFI site from ERMCVS, resulting in null Major weakness and extension to Jan 2026
[Jan 2023] Leading Objectives, Targets, and Programs (OTP) PTFI and OHS workshop with 19 Divisions’ representatives, resulting in 13 Objectives, 52 Targets, and 5 Programs
[Feb 2023] Represent PTFI for SNI (Indonesian Nasional Standard) conceptor and technical meetings with GOI, resulting in 8 SNI proposals in Mining industry; Managing PTFI Safety Training accreditation visit from KA-LDP ESDM (GOI), resulting in 2 training scheme proposal for First Operational Supervisor (POP) and Critical Training
[Mar 2023] Leading MIND ID Safety Culture Maturity Survey for PTFI for 1407 respondents, resulting in near Proactive level and 19 recommendations (3 Human, 11 Procedures, 5 Technologies); Moderator of Safety Innovation Technology Talk in National Safety Month (BK3N) 2023

2020-2022, Superintendent, Safety Management System, Occupational Health Safety PT. Freeport Indonesia.
Managing the Development of Safety Standards and Implementing Strategies to comply with Regulation and other requirement.  Key Achievements:
# Coordinate PTFI Safety Culture Maturity Survey with Deloitte for 2135 respondent and 177 informants in Q4-2019, resulting in Calculative Level (3.33 on scale of 5.00) with Hudson Model, PTFI Supervisor Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Survey with Accenture for 3375 respondent and 180 informants in Q1-2022, resulting in Meet Expectation level (3.21 on scale 4.00) with Fang Wu Model
# Develop & Execute Strategy for PTFI SMKP Internal Audit in 2020 and 2021, resulting PTFI included in complied Mining Company with other 43 Mining Company (2020) and 137 Mining Company (2021). Additionally, 39 employees in PTFI have been registered for SMKP Auditor by DEMR. Collaboration with Community Development and Environmental has been conducted for 20 local contractors for SMKP Audit working at reclamation area
#Lead ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Surveillance Audit for PTFI site (from 20 FCX site) from ERMCVS on February 2022, resulting in null weakness & 4 observations. The certificate extends to January 2023
# Develop & Execute Strategy for PTFI e-FRM transition from Brilliant to Digital Workspace platform as part of Agile FRM team in PTFI in Q1-2021, resulting the deployment of e-FRM with 5,000 form submitted per day by users. Additionally, FGD FRM from Division representative created for reviewing 322 critical controls & developing quality observation form
# Representing PTFI as part of Agile FRM team in MIND ID Innovation Award 2021 with proposal title “e-FRM for Fatality Prevention Program in PTFI”, resulting as the 1st winner of Implementation Support System Category from 60 proposal submitted
# Member of DOHS Analytic project teams with FCX & Deloitte to setup a model for OH&S leading and lagging data correlation & predictive analysis, resulting in collaboration with PTFI MIS team for digitalizing data in PTFI

2016-2020, Superintendent, Operation Training,Occupational Health Safety PT. Freeport Indonesia.
Managing the Development of  Safety Module and Deliver Safety Training based on risk and competencies. Key Achievement:
# Prepared ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Audit for Safety Training Group from SAI Global in June 2015, resulting in ISO 9001:2008 certification released to June 2018
# Develop and Execute Strategy for mandatory safety training in July 2017 to Jan 2018 during security issue due to red zone are for Training Center facilitiy, resulting in utilization of 1st floor Mess hall facility for training, 1572 new hire employees are released to work after training.
# Develop and Execute Strategy for PTFI Operational Supervisor Certification as mandated by GOI in May 2016-2020, resulting in contract with LSP PERHAPI, approximately 1054 supervisors certified for Operational Supervisor in jobsite, saving cost for company business travel. Additionally, 27 instructors have been certified for Operational Supervisor Assessor. Collaboration with Community Development for PTFI MMSE (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development Program) Operational supervisor certification has been conducted as well for 34 supervisors (2020) and 34 supervisors (2022) with more than 98% passed level.

2015 – 2016, Senior Instructor, Occupational Health Safety PT, Freeport Indonesia.
Deliver Safety Training Course based on risk and competencies and Develop ISO 9001 Framework to OHS Training and Development.

2012 – 2015, Chief Engineer, Underground Technical Services PT. Freeport Indonesia.
Develop and implement technology utilization (Sharepoint) for Technical Services Department.

2010 – 2012, Executive Officer, Curriculum Development Quality Management Service PT Freeport Indonesia.
Develop and implement technology utilization (Sharepoint) for Industrial Relations, BAMAG, QMS, Safety Underground, Supply Chain Management, and YPJ School Department.

2009 – 2010, Senior Instructor, Computer Training Quality Management Service PT Freeport Indonesia.
Develop and implement computer training program (Microsoft Office).

2008 – 2009, Senior Engineer, Research and Development Management Information System PT Freeport Indonesia.
Develop and Maintain Group Policy Administration and Policy  for  PC/Desktop operation.

2005 – 2006, IT Consultant, Yayasan Pendidikan Avent Timika Papua.
Develop and implement computer training program (Microsoft Office) for teachers and school’s administrator.

2005 – 2007, Computer Teacher, YPJ School Tembagapura Papua.
Develop and implement computer training program (Microsoft Office) for primary and secondary students.

2004 – 2005, Brand Manager Assistant, PT Ultra Prima Artha Boga Orang Tua Group Jakarta.
Develop and Deliver  product knowledge of Vitacharm product  to customers in Java and Bali region.

2003 – 2004, Technical specialist, PT Ozone Securitech Jakarta .
Deliver product knowledge of Net Support School Software to customers in Java region

2002 – 2003, Technical support, PT New Armada Magelang.
Maintain PC/Desktop computer and network operation.


Bachelor Degree ( ST ) in Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, 2003 with a major in Electrical Engineering. GPA 3.30 on scale 4 with Paper: “English – Indonesian Translator Implementation with Parsing Method”

Master Degree (M.Kes) in Diponegoro University Semarang, 2021 with a major in Occupational Health and Safety. GPA 4.00 on scale 4 with Thesis: “The Analysis of Participants’ Success and Failure on the First Operational Supervisor Competency Test (POP) in a Mineral Mining Company at Papua”


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  3. Internal Auditor ISO 9001:2008, InQuest Consulting, Nov 2015
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  15. Implementing an ISO 45001:2018 OH&S Management System, SAI Global, May 2022
  16. Management System Auditing ISO 45001:2018, SAI Global, May 2022
  17. Speaker on IOSH Submit 2022, UNS, Mine Safety Innovation in International Perspective, 30 Oktober 2022
  18. Moderator on Safety Innovation Technology, BK3N PTFI 2023, 11 Mar 2023
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