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ICT Curriculum Standard

There are many ICT Curriculum Standard, some schools using PYP/IBO, National Curriculum, or Cambridge curriculum. here’s the list that might give you an understanding of what they are so you can create your own standards

national curriculum – KBK 2004

  • Concepts, Knowledge, and Basic Operation
  • Processing Information for Productivity
  • Problem Solving, exploration, and Communication


  • creativity and innovation
  • communication and collaboration
  • research and information fluency
  • critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making
  • digital citizenship
  • technology operation and concepts


  • basic operations and concepts
  • social and ethical issues
  • instructional tools
  • communication tools
  • research tools

cambridge ( http://www.cie.org.uk/qualifications/academic/primary/ictstarters/overview)

  • communicate
  • handle information
  • model
  • measure and control

From the standards above, you may develop a subject and competencies for each grades. So….do you want to make your own ICT standards for your schools ? a huge challenge for ICT teachers 🙂

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