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This post was summarise knowledge management chapter on introduction to helpdek concepts and skills book by sudan sanderson published by mcgraw-hill technology education. Rarely I found a good text book regarding knowledge management, this book was a good start to know a dept of knowledge management.

When staff member the company, their knwledge and experience leave with them. Finding and hiring new staff required much effort and time, but this can be reduce by efficient knowledge management. Its benefits are shared expertise, reduced training time, reusable solution, enriched job content, personal empowerment, and continuous improvement.

An effective knowledge management should be easy to use, simple to maintain, relevant, and accesible by users.

Knowledge management has two methodology:
– reactive
Building knowledge after problem resolved, known also as solution centered support or knowledge centered support
– proactive
Building knowledge before it is needed. Forecasting potential problem and solution needed for this methodology.

There are two types of knowledge in knowledge based support:
– explicit knowledge
Data, facts, and documents. Easy to be transmitted
– tacit knowledge
Perception, insight, experience. Difficult to be transmitted

Solution in the knowledge base should comprised of four elements,i.e situation, analysis, information, and resolution. Process for capturing relevant knowledge consist of four steps,i.e capture, structure, review, release and maintain.

Once knowledge has been captured, structured, reviewed, and released it becomes knowledge based. There are many methods for searchong this knowledge based, they are keyword search engine, natural language processing, expert system, and decision tree.

Finally, when a knowledge management system is implemented, it is necessary to add new metrics and revaluate it for performance.

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