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Blue Ocean Strategy in Educational Organization

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Sangat panjang apabila kita membahas mengenai strategy maupun design dalam sebuah organisasi pendidikan, karena melibatkan banyak teori dan pendekatan dari yg sederhana sampai yang rumit.

Posting kali ini akan membahas pendekatan sederhana yg disebut sebagai blue ocean! Konsepnya sederhana yaitu mengidentifikasi terelebih dahulu service atau layanan yang dimiliki kemudian memetakan kondisi saat ini dan memetakan kembali kondisi pembeda dari kondisi saat ini yang membedaknnya ( differensiasi ) dengan yang lain.

Seandainya kita mengidentifikasi layanan pendidikan maka akan panjang listnya, akan tetapi kita akan bagi menjadi empat layanan pokok:
– learning design
– delivery
– learning environment
– assessment

Langkah selanjutnya adalah memetakan layanan tersebut ke dalam grafik dengan tiga nilai ( 1=rendah, 2=rata-rata/sedang, dan 3=tinggi). Setiap organisasi pendidikan akan memiliki nilai yang berbeda-beda tergantung kondisi yang dimilikinya. Sebagai contoh untuk sekolah negeri standar akan memiliki nilai 2222, artinya learning design, delivery, environment dan assessment standard asalkan memenuhi standard pemerintah. Akan tetapi ada juga beberapa sekolah yg meningkatkan layanan environment, sehingga rumusannya menjadi 2232!

Rumusan baru di luar standar yg dimilikinya inilah yg membedakannya dengan institusi yg lain ( inovasi ) yang selanjutnya disebut sebagai blue ocean strategy. Riset dan kajian mendalam rumusan apa yg sekiranya cocok dan berbeda untuk meningkatkan value tentu saja diperlukan terlebih dahulu dalam strategic planning ke depan.

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Mall of Education – A new idea of Educational Breakthrough

October 19, 2011 1 comment

To some students learning environment results in a significant impact of learning process. The learning process can be fast or slow depends on the student’s behaviour and characteristics. However, the learning process nowadays become unattractive and boring, students prefer of sighseeing and shopping in the mall.

What if..

We combine this two situation into a single solution, learning at Mall. Opening a learning course at the mall could be a challenge, where so many attractive and disturbance that will move away the learning focus. However, the impact could be significant, if we could manage the environment into an attractive learning process so students would be able to learn and play. Sometimes learning and playing has a two different meaning, but if we could combine those two, we could create something authentic for educational breakthrough, especially with the advance technology that will make learning becomes vary in methods and concepts.

Let us start by identify the needs of learning for students, what subject, ages, or curriculum that best suit for them. We always hear courses about mathematics, english, physics, computer, etc but we seldome hear course about problem solving, leadership, effective reading, etc. The first part is about intellegent(IQ), while the second part is about emotional(EQ) that students will bring it for the rest of their life from early child into grown up person. The emotional course model is the new model that we need to address for educational breakthrough!

The questions now is are we ready šŸ™‚

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The Educational Organization is Flat

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

The world is flat and so does the educational organization. The only thing that make them difference is SERVICE!

Let say there are four services in educational organization:
– educational design
– curriculum development
– delivery and facilitation
– learning assessment

A significant enhancement in one of the services above can make a difference, however a significant enhancement in all services above can make a CHANGE!

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A new Ideas of Improvement for educational organization

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

The Educational Organization is now becoming flat where everyone can access, learn, and share resources from a limited network (intranet) or enermous network (internet). Cloud computing technology make it possible to change the way of conventional learning to modern learning.

Modern learning as described in some theory, require modern infrastructure where the learning process becoming student’s center and teachers are meant only as facilitator. However, from best practice this theory is not 100 % fully work for a school who does not have the modern culture, e.g most of students are likely to read a manual books instead of electronic books that is read from ebook reader or laptop.

Instead of debate the conflict above, we could start to build Resources Center as starter. The Resources Center act as knowledge management tools for protecting and sharing the resources that we have for internal or external parties. When a teacher prepare and create a learning materials, he/she will review it to their principals and distribute it to their students with manual copy, however when he/she left the schools, the learning materials are gone with the wind through time. A new teacher that replace his/her position, will create a new learning materials and the process start from the beginning.

what if…

We put all the learning materials on the server as electronic documents that can be store, maintain and review with the appropriate person in a dedicated system, e.g SharePoint. the problem we had above was eliminated and resoruces can be maintained, review and distributed to all parties in a daily basis.

In order to achieve the above purpose, we need a standard that is manageable and work on every level within organization. The best practice is ISO 9001:2008 that is customized within IWA 2:2007 as a standard for quality management sytem improvement within educational organization. For knowledge management and resources allocation management, we could use harePoint 2007/2010 as a tools for managing the available resources of an educational organization.

For detail review about ISO 9001:2008 ( IWA 2:2007 ) and SharePoint Implementation, please follow my post on my blog ( ). I am open to discuss these ideas with your organization anytime, anywhere and anymanner for system improvement.

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Taxonomy Bloom Journey

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Not everyone know that Bloom Taxonomy has been revised and updated. Here’s the Journey:

1956: Benjamin Bloom introduced The Cognitive Domain with the following order :

Knowledge – Comprehension – Application – Analysis – Syntesis – Evaluation

1990: Anderson & Krathwohl ( a former students of Bloom ) introduce Bloom Revised Taxonomy with the following order: ( Noun changes to Verbs )

Remembering – Understanding – Applying – Analysing – Evaluating – Creating

With the invention and implementatation of technology in Education, Bloom Revised Taxomony has been revised into Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy that is collaborating Education with Internet and technology.

For complete detailĀ click hereĀ 

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