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Mall of Education – A new idea of Educational Breakthrough

To some students learning environment results in a significant impact of learning process. The learning process can be fast or slow depends on the student’s behaviour and characteristics. However, the learning process nowadays become unattractive and boring, students prefer of sighseeing and shopping in the mall.

What if..

We combine this two situation into a single solution, learning at Mall. Opening a learning course at the mall could be a challenge, where so many attractive and disturbance that will move away the learning focus. However, the impact could be significant, if we could manage the environment into an attractive learning process so students would be able to learn and play. Sometimes learning and playing has a two different meaning, but if we could combine those two, we could create something authentic for educational breakthrough, especially with the advance technology that will make learning becomes vary in methods and concepts.

Let us start by identify the needs of learning for students, what subject, ages, or curriculum that best suit for them. We always hear courses about mathematics, english, physics, computer, etc but we seldome hear course about problem solving, leadership, effective reading, etc. The first part is about intellegent(IQ), while the second part is about emotional(EQ) that students will bring it for the rest of their life from early child into grown up person. The emotional course model is the new model that we need to address for educational breakthrough!

The questions now is are we ready 🙂

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  1. December 8, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Excellent concept in fact i had the same in planning. Would love to see any more updates from your side regarding this. Or it can be mailed to me too.

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